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There are many exciting places to visit at Pymatuning Lake, the place "where the ducks walk on the fish."

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Starting at the Andover Square go East on Rt 85. Go through the red light and about 100 feet on the left you will find an entrance to:

The Ohio Beach
At the Causeway, swimming, bathhouse, picnic area and playground.

Continue driving down Rt 85 and you will find yourself on the:

There is a boat livery, natural beaches, camping, picnic areas, and water depths up to 28 feet.

While on the causeway Rt 85 will turn into Rt 285 when entering Pennsylvania. Continue along Rt. 285 until you come to a yellow blinking light. (If you find yourself at a stop light you have gone about a mile to far.) This will be Church Road. Turn right and travel down Church Road until it comes to a stop sign. At the stop sign turn right onto Hartstown Road. Continue traveling North on Hartstown Rd. As you cross the Pymatuning Reservoir, before entering Linesville, you will find:

Pymatuning State Park Spillway
Pymatuning State Park Spillway
This is "Where the ducks walk on the fish." Thousands of carp gather here every year to be fed by on looking tourists. There is a concession stand where you may purchase bread to feed the fish and the water fowl. This is a you must see it to believe it sight.

Approximately 1/2 a mile from the Spillway on the left is:

Fish Commission Hatchery
Fish Commission Hatchery
The grounds are open to the public sunrise to sunset year round. There is a two story aquarium showcasing fish from the area.

Ford Island and the Pymatuning Wildlife Learning Center
Ford Island and the Pymatuning Wildlife Learning Center
The center of the Pennsylvania Game Commission activities. There is a water fowl museum; trees, shrubs, vines on the ground, animals and birds; free parking and picnic areas. Bald eagles nest in the area and there are stationary binoculars that may be used to view these beautiful birds.

From here turn around and head back to Rt 285. Turn right onto Rt 285. Approximately 2 miles down after the stop light you will find the:

Goose Pens
Goose Pens
Geese and ducks in their natural habitat. Nesting is in the spring and resting is in the fall.

From there go back head West on Rt 285. Turn right onto Church Rd at the yellow blinking light. Church road will turn into East Lake Road. Continue heading south on East Lake Rd. You will come to Dam Road on the left. If you pass Walnut Creek Golf course then you have just passed Dam Road. Dam road will take you across the Pymatuning Dam into the Pymatuning State Park.

Pymatuning DamPymatuning Dam
Pymatuning Dam
Department of Forest and Waters Administration building, camping, beach, boating, picnic areas and playgrounds.

To head back to Andover head out of the park and turn right onto Rt 322. You may either:

Turn right onto Pymatuning Lake Road approximately 1 mile after reentering Ohio. This will take you along the west side of the lake. Continue north on Pymatuning Lake Road until you come to a red light. At the red light turn left onto Rt 85 and continue west until you have reached Andover.
Continue down Rt 322 until the first red light. Turn right onto Rt 7 and head north until you reach the Andover Square.
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